About Us


Develop and produce products of superior quality and high tightness in order to increase the energetic efficiency contributing to a better environment, always aiming at customer satisfaction and respect for the individual.


Our aim is to be the leading HVAC solutions partner and be recognized by our customers as suppliers of quality products delivering always within the deadline.

Nhclima is guided by the following values

· Quality
· Punctuality
· Customer Satisfaction
· Union

· Innovation
· Dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit
· Focus on customer needs

Quality Policy

The constant investment in new technologies, the specialization of human resources, the continuous improvement of the processes and the compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements means that there is great satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. Therefore, we seek to generate innovative products and solutions that fully satisfy our customers' requirements, establishing a relationship of full confidence.

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 (in implementation)


Social responsibility is important because of the impact it has on society and in the most needy communities, Nhclima is proud to be a partner of several sports, religious and social associations, and in recent years has supported various sporting and social events.


Nhclima is aware of its responsibility to the environment. In addition to complying with applicable legal requirements, Nhclima focuses on the manufacture of products with a high tightness value which allows a high energy efficiency and a significant reduction of the ecological footprint of the buildings where our product is installed

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